Meet the Forestbirds

Visual Storytelling.


We believe that the beauty is not only in the eyes of the beholder, but rather is to be discovered everywhere.

Our passion is to discover, capture and visualize them.


We are back from our trip through the Canadian Rockies. More pictures of our trip as a family will follow shortly.

«Get the birds on your wedding»

«Let’s do life together»

Our current photography offers for couples and families


Our current photography offers for couples and families.


From now on you can book us for your wedding next year.


From the first offspring to the whole family squad.

We Are Often Too Busy To See Beauty

That’s why we are driven and passionate to find, capture and reveal it.


May we work with you to hold people, moments, things and stories for you? Would you like to book a shoot or shoot or simply get to know us?

Wander With Us



On request, we hold individual workshops on photography and film. From buying advice to the course for ambitious photographers, we offer a variety of workshops adapted to your needs.

Soli Deo Gloria

The Why


When art changes the world. A project that is close to our hearts.

We were already on the road with these and other clients: