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Wedding Photography

«Happy is a person who finds a true friend, and far happier is a person who finds that true friend in his spouse.»

Wedding Stories

Weddings are a special passion for us as a couple. For us it is always a privilege and privilege to accompany two people on such a beautiful and important day in their lives. The start of a new adventure and the YES, which you celebrate with your loved ones, family and friends. Weddings are about individual people and stories. They contain moving emotions and beautiful impressions. They are authentic and lasting. A pleasure for us to capture and tell in pictures.

When you book us, we are basically a Team Forestbird. As a pair of photographers, we have the advantage of covering one-off moments with additional viewing angles to further document your story. Likewise, we can accompany you separately during the preparations in the morning. In shootings, one of us does some directing and the other one is on the camera. For us a passion to be able to do this as a couple, for our wedding couples an enrichment to have two photographers.

When two unique people come together, it also creates a very unique wedding. That is why we offer every couple an individual offer in order to respond to as many wishes as possible. At the bottom of this page you will find more information about our wedding reports and the opportunity to contact us for an offer.

We are happy to meet you.

Table of contents

of a wedding


Often underestimated by the bridal couple – for us one of the most beautiful moments of the day. Here you are the most relaxed and the Hair & amp; Makeup is on point.

First look

The moment you see yourselves at the wedding for the first time. A very nice, emotional and intimate moment that you spend as a couple just as a couple. Moments that are unique and we especially love.

Couple Shooting

Wonderful images of you as lovers in a location of your choice.

Trauung Kirche

In the church we document the complete wedding from different perspectives. As a team, we can document the most important moments from two angles while remaining discreetly in the background. Next to you, we will also capture the emotions of your families and guests.

Trauung Zivil

At the civil registry office or in the location of the civil wedding we document the complete wedding ceremony.


Now you are fired, eaten and congratulated. We are among the most beautiful congratulations, documenting for you the details of the location, the buffet and the decoration and capture informal portraits of your guests.


Evenings stay. Definitely the moment where you are the most relaxed as a bride and groom. Where you look back with your friends and family on the day and the past and will toast to the coming time. Whether in the large banquet hall or in the small Grotto, people laugh, joke and dance very often. Emotions that only exist on evenings like this – and we are in the middle of it and hold them for you.

Arrival Dinner / Brunch

For those who would like to celebrate a little longer with their guests, we also document the eve dinner or the joint brunch the next morning.

Ready to have your story recorded?

For the right offer we would like to get to know you, your wedding and your ideas and wishes better. Fill in the following form for us.

Unfortunately, we will not be available for weddings until November 2019.

More stories

The most beautiful memories of newlyweds as wedding announcements in our online gallery.


The most important questions briefly explained:

Next Steps?

– If you like our style and you want to work with us, first fill in the contact form below.

– Based on your data, we will provide you within a few days a non-binding, individual offer according to your ideas and wishes.

– Once we have defined the final scope and price together with you, we will create an order confirmation.

The wedding is booked!


We will mail you our Signaturebox with a USB stick.

You also get a private online link where you can view your pictures, share them with family and friends and download them for you.

Delivery time?

The processing time of a wedding reportage is between 4-8 weeks depending on the capacity.

But you’ll get a honeymoon selection with 10-20 simple-edited images 1-2 days after the wedding.


After handing over the pictures, the pictures belong to you and may freely be used, distributed and published by you.

& nbsp;

For commercial use, we are pleased to have a mention of us as a photographer.

& nbsp;

The copyright remains with us.

& nbsp;

Photo booth?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to offer a photobooth.

Basically, our meals will be organized by you or additionally billed by us.

For multi-day weddings or if the journey to or return to Bern is no longer possible or reasonable, the accommodation will be organized by you or billed by us additionally.


The driving costs for the approach route within Switzerland are included in the offer.

Additional mileage and special lift, boat or train tickets will be charged additionally.

Plan B?

If, due to force majeure, accident, illness, death in the family or other serious reasons, it is not possible for us to execute the order, we waive the order fee.


Basically, you’re responsible for archiving your images.

Of course, we keep your pictures in our archives indefinitely – but can not take responsibility for them.


As the author, we use the images for our portfolio. Disclosure to third parties is only with your consent.

Jasmin or Joel?

Our passion is always to carry out the work as a team of two. But there is no claim to it.

If the scope of the order allows it, this can only be done by a photographer.

Payment terms?

The invoice with a payment period of 10 days will be issued upon delivery of the pictures.

We reserve the right to charge 50% of the contract fee in advance.

Camera equipment?

For several years we are passionate about working with FUJIFILM. Currently with the models X-H1, X-T2, X-T3 and GFX.

Added our lens favorites: Fujinon 16mm 1.4 | 35mm 2.0 | 50mm 2.0 | 56mm 1.2 | 50-140mm 2.8


Should you cancel the order for various reasons, we charge you the following costs:

• After the order & amp; Appointment confirmation: 20% of the booked offer

• Until 3 months before the appointment: 30% of the booked offer

• Up to 60 days before the appointment: 60% of the booked offer

• From 30 days before the appointment or no cancellation: 80% of the booked offer

Exceptions are serious illnesses of the newlyweds or a death in the close family, resulting in a complete cancellation of the contract. 20% of the booked offer we have to charge you in exceptional cases.